Kayla and Tara Caruso, CEOs of Cannapride

Who is Canna Pride?

CEOs of Canna Pride, Kayla and Tara Caruso are originally from upstate New York. CBD and cannabis has greatly impacted their lives for the better, and they want to share that same potential with as many people as possible.

All Canna Pride products are third-party lab tested, professionally-formulated, and GMO-free. They make sure all products are affordable and available to everyone, as well as those on vegan and gluten-free diets.

Canna Pride products are tested by respected Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs in San Diego, CA. Results can easily be found on the website here.

They make sure each batch is free of mold and harmful solvents. Their products are used by themselves, company members, and their families. They trust them because they want you to trust them too.

The quality of their products is just as important as the quality of customer service. They are always happy to answer any questions about CBD and cannabis. Their love of education infuses into everything they do.

They are not licensed medical providers and always recommend consulting a trusted, licensed physician before consuming new herbs. But they constantly learn, collaborate with other professionals, and stay current with the cannabis industry every day. Their educational resources include a variety of licensed doctors, clinical herbalists, cannabis experts, and so much more. They want to absorb as much information as possible to share with others - and also provide others with reliable, updated resources they can explore too.

As women and LGBTQ+ folx, Kayla and Tara are committed to working in synergy with the community. They can often be found giving back through fundraisers and hosting a variety of events. They want to lift others up and provide reliable options for those on their healing journeys.

In addition to being CEOs, Kayla and Tara have many other hobbies and occupations! A musician and singer, Kayla is also a model building her portfolio. Tara has been a chef for the last 16 years and enjoys spending time in nature.

They believe each individual and identity enhances the group. They live their truths and share their gifts, so others feel comfortable doing the same.

Follow their journey on Instagram at @cannapridelifestyle

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